rachael ray in FHM men's magazine

inappropriate hillbilly sexyness

central park

turtle pond! so many turtles. so big, so beautiful.

stuff that happened to me today that i like

so i got to go to the marc by marc jacobs fashion show today and exciting things happened to me while i was in line waiting to get in. i got there really early. well before i even got there i had to run out of my one class to get tickets in times square and then i had to ditch my evening class justt to do this dream. so back to the waiting in line part. rachel b. and i were the first two people in line. first, this lady (who i later found out was amy larocca who does all the look book stuff) came up to me and asked if she could do a video interview for new york magazine and i asked if it was for look book and she said yes and i told her how i loved it and looked at it every day and how i always wanted to be in it. she was really nice and pretty and i told her i liked her shirt. and the guy filming me went to parsons. his name was peter. i think i was very nervous on camera. i could tell, it will probably come through that way. im not sure it'll even make it on but i fucking hope so. then a japanese lady and man came up to me and asked if they could take my photo and i asked what it was for and they said japanese nylon and i got so excited and told them how nylon was my favorite magazine and they just laughed at me and smiled. i think they thought it was ridiculous. but tehy were nice. then on my way out of the show i saw scott (the sartorialist) and i asked him if he was the sartorialst and he said yes and i said how i loved his site and look at it daily and he was nice and then said i looked cute so he stood me in front of some good lighting and took a picture of me. he was shooting for style.com i heard him say but i hope i get to be on the sartorialist blog. all of these things were up in the air it seemed, but today was a very good day for me. and of course the show was amazing. so amazing, very short but aweosme. i love marc. he waved at the end of course. and i am going to try and work at any marc jacobs store very hard. maybe this summer. ahhh i love tomatoe paste im eating it right now i cant stop. also my digital camera is a kinda shity but i got some photos. uhh i was gunna say something else but i forgot. today was a wonderful day. of fashion. word.

the smell of bleach

but i am still terrified of the product. this post is for molly. she soaks her feet in bleach periodically to make them stop smelling very bad. she is a sick and sexy woman ho. i think she'll like this cartoonish drawing too, hopefully. i can only hope.


i love them, the taste and textue. i bought a bunch today and then had one. now i am going to have another. remember when there were all those rumors that bananas were going to become extinct in 10 years? i was very sad because i kept thinking that my future children would never know the sweet taste.


i really like the month of september so far. i used to hate it because its always when school starts up again. but this time around i like it. i will probably change my mind tomorrow after the first day of classes but for now its good. i love fall overall. its the best season to me. i am always excited when the the fall months begin. september, october, november. so cozy.