last night

walgreens fucked this up. there are two photos here and they didn't print either of them, just this, and the negative is perfect. but i like this too.

molly please don't be mad at me for putting this up. i just think this is a talent and people need to know.

molly and andy being very still and holding their chosen poses. i made them change their first poses into these second poses.

i like this. and i like the things on my walls and the scary hook from a big bird cage.

p.s.- i didn't realize until these pictures that the walls of my room are so blue, its like we're underwater, i don't even like blue.


this is how messy my room used to be!

i think this photo was taken on one of the days when we were cleaning my room last summer, so like a year ago, i dunno. but molly was talking about that hat last night, i think its the one she's gunna bring to israel. haha.

at dan's house last summer

molly and i comparing shoes. hers are the flats, mine are the moccasins.

andy sittin and drinkin. i like the way this photo looks alot.

molly drinkin a bud light with long hair.

i have no idea who those boys are, but molly is funny and serious at the same time.

sidenote: so someone found an old disposable camera in my room last night and it was half used. i love when that happens, because you get a blast from the past surprise when you develop it at walgreens.

molly made this for me!

don't you love it? its a sweet girl collage!


i love asparagus. even though it makes your pee smell weird. haha.