textile designer and editor carolina irving

i am in love with her face! those wide eyes! everything!

lindsay lohan: the good old parent trap days

andy saw this painting when he was walking past a gallery in manhattan. she was such a cutie. it's actually kinda weird that it looks so much like her and that you can even tell who it is. i bought an awesome tabloid with her face on the cover the other day and andy and i looked at it and then looked at each other timidly/embarrassingly admitted that we thought she was actually very pretty. maybe it was just this one photo, but probably not.

true romance

i love patricia arquette and christian slater so much. andy and liz told me to see this movie because they thought i would love it. i love the character alabama's love for leopard print, we have that in common. another thing we have in common is that we are both call girls! there are awesome small roles from gary oldman, dennis hopper, christopher walken, samuel l. jackson, chris penn, brad pitt(at his best), bronson pinochot aka balki from the 80's sitcom perfect strangers (adele i know you will love that!), more i am forgetting, written by quentin tarantino and directed by tony scott! such a classic cult film. i am going to style a shoot based on the fashions of this movie.