desperately seeking susan

love laurie metcalf characters
how funny is this ad for those boots?!
i've totally done this.
always love some good smeared eye makeup. and mug shots. especially together.
with a bit of tweaking, i'd totally wanna wear susan/madonna's wardrobe from this. i'm sure many would!

um, can we just talk about nicki/chloe for a minute?

how shocking and great was it to see nicki dressed as a regular/hot woman? it was so jarring to see her long legs in such a short skirt, and her hair on the side like they did in the 80s, with heels! but when you actually think about it, it really shouldn't be, because we see chole dress fashionably all the time. just shows how much chloe has convinced us she is this character of nicki. shes so fucking good and perfect in this role, like the part she was born to play.

guess who?

brigitte bardot! kind of amazing looking.


guess who?

winona ryder. i read she got beat up by bullies at school because they thought she was a gay boy.


haircut, outfits