marc jacobs is so beautiful

i love all of his tattoos. one is of himself as a cartoon character from when he was on the simpsons, some are of his bull terrier dogs. he also has spongebob squarepants. he'd be a pretty woman or a very good looking transvestite.

hey 90s teen girls!

this photo is called...

Lady Diana Cooper and her Blue Bedlington Terrier

glenn makes me cry almost every time he is on screen

the following summery of dialog from a scene between betty and glenn is different from the scene in this photo. the following lines literally make me start crying hysterically, they are just so tragic. p.s.- none of this will really makes sense unless you have seen it. but for those of you who have, how fucking amazing is this scene?!
betty: i'm so sad. glenn: i wish i was older.

francine hanson (she is like a sister to me, says betty to don)

i love this photo and this scene so much, when betty tries on the clothes she still has be given from fashion designers from her days as a model.
francine is one of my very favorite characters on all of mad men. i love how seriously she takes her neighborhood gossip. it's kind of her whole life, which would be sad in real life, but because she is just a character it is very, very funny to me. she makes me laugh. the first time we meet her she is pregnant and smoking and drinking. i feel like i know lots of people like her. the actress also plays one of alby's wives on big love, which is so awesome too. if i were an actress i would want to play parts like these ones, i'd want to be a character actor, and not a leading lady so much.

with love, from governors island

adele sent me this photo with the title of this post as the caption, while she was on the island with her fam. i was instantly jealous, and told her so. adele, who is that in the photo? harriet? harriette?

january jones

something about her always breaks by heart, i think it's her voice and the way she talks, especially as betty.