cary grant in hitchcock's suspicion

what a looker. also starting my love joan fontaine, who is currently 91, and has been married 4 times. she is a very cool lady.

i love you john hughes

sixteen candles had always been my very favorite of his movies
and ferris bueller's day off
and uncle buck those are my top 3 and the following are really good ones too
pretty in pink
home alone
curly sue
the breakfast club
i love his movies because they are really 80's, they all take place in the suburbs of chicago where i am from, i love molly ringwald, anthony michael hall, john candy, haviland morris, jake ryan, sloane peterson, ed rooney, jennifer grey, ben stein as the teach that says bueller, bueller, bueller, and cameron. and i love that he uses the same actors all the time! the house that cameron lived in where the car falls out the glass window an into the ravines is for sale right now, and i've heard they have lots of ferris memorabilia! and when i was little we would always drive by the home alone house and there was always a cardboard cutout of macaulay culkin with his hands on his cheeks in that famous pose in the window! and lots of scenes in sixteen candles take place at this church in town. and the scene at the beach in ferris is at our town beach. and the library where all the kids have to be during detention is at our highschool. oh and i live the scene in ferris at the art insitute! i am forgetting lots more but i just love his movies! what are your favorite john huges movies?!