this picture is very disgusting to me (and its not me) but anyways i darkened my eyebrows today with makeup based on a suggestion from my mom, and its taken me a bit to get used to it, but now i really like the look. its very bold and kinda makes me look like edie sedgwick when she was on the drugs and at factory, but hey. i kinda think it looks bad, but i also kinda like it so we will see where this goes.

my brother joe's art

he is 17 years old and a senior in high school. this is a portrait joe did of himself from a photo when he was a little boy. it looks so much like him from then it's crazy. i love it so much.
he made this in about 7th grade
"the debbie character series"
starring debbie
cousin (joe's favorite character)
husband harold (my favorite character)
man "cartoon/tatoo series"
"peg-leg lady"
"seat" made of wood and iron
tiki made of carved wood
"web" made of welded iron
"peg-leg lady" woodworking i think he is so talented, and full of smart comedy in his art ideas. i also think he has such a distinct and interesting style. i love his art!

very true, very true

"A Brooklyn girl loves her mother and her grandma — and their wardrobes!" -a quote from the brooklyn paper
this is very true in my case, as i am soon to live in brooklyn. as i've said before, i consider my mom, my grammy, and my great aunt to be 3 of my many style inspirations. my mommy kathy because she wears all black and always looks chic. my grammy esther because she wears fur coats and chanel like jackets, which she has passed on to me. and my great aunt ann because she is always wearing something leopard print.

chloe fun for molly henderson!

in this photo i love her hair, dress, and how she's blowing out her candles while holding that cigarette!

my new brooklyn room!

dan standing and casey sitting on my just delivered bed, cell phone photographed by andy


i think about jeffrey wright's acting all the time

mostly as basquiat, and now colin powell.

more kenley at ny fashion week, i'm just such a fan

and i just have to gush over this design again. i want to own it.