summer camp in miami

i absolutely love this photo.

kate moss with her dad and little sister. isn't that weird to see? and isn't it weird she has a little sister?


you link licker!

kristin wiig of snl, funniest person

snazzy lightning bolt dress

i like lake bell, especially her face.

i want this to be my room

celebrity by woody allen

i love winona's look in this movie, her character's name is nola. i kinda want to cut my hair to be like her's in this film role. its very messy and sloppy but sexy and carefree. haha. i was inspired cause i watched this movie last night. this movie has a really good, funny ensemble cast.


i want these two photos to actually be my life.

also, this is very, very embaressing but the other night molly, andy, and i saw the film what happens in vegas. it was terrible. the reason we went to see it was cuase we were really bored and wanted to see a vegas themed movie cause we are planning on going to vegas in like january (eveyone come!). but so anyways, there is a line in the movie where this one girl character is like, "i like, threw up in my own purse." i found it very funny and sort of hope that that happens to me in vegas.

my favorite food/restaurants in nyc

tea and symphathy
east village thai
criff dog
random delis
magnolia bakery
japanese place on st. marks
st. marks market
pomme frites
hummus place

i'll think of more, cause i eat a lot in new york.

my favorite shops in nyc

marc by marc jacobs (like 5 stores in the west village)
opening ceremony
barney’s co-op
marc jacobs (in soho)
forever 21
steve madden

i will think of more to add.

cool dance moves

i want that mj dress so bad!

favorite flowers

the african daisy
it comes in many colors.
featured in the woody allen film, everyone says i love you.
in my first apartment in soho/nolita new york, i bought a clear green skinny vase, and would buy an african daisy at the deli downstairs, it would last about a week before the petals started to fall off, then i'd buy a new one in a different color.

lily of the valley
reminds me of my grammy, she loves them too.
i love the smell.
they always grew in the backyard of the first house i lived in as a kid.

here is a list, of the girls i look at on dlisted (in alphabetical order by first name) because i like them.

amy winehouse

beth ditto

brigitte bardot

christina ricci

courtney love

diane keaton

kate moss

keira knightly

kirsten dunst

sienna miller

winona ryder

i love hats. i love wearing them.

all cool people wear them.
it'd be awesome if i wore one everyday.
maybe i'll try to.