these scented markers

i only have a red cherry one right now. smells sooo good yummm.

vitamin c

have i already said that i like vitamin c? well i do. keeps me from getting colds. immunity. i take one almost every night before i go to sleep.

elaine from seinfeld

i really enjoy looking at her hair style, which is always flipped back, and her clothing styles in each episode which is constantly on tbs.

look at this fucked up photo i found on the internet

i typed the name elaine into google and found this, wtf. actually i guess its not that fucked up but it did seem like that at first glance.

hot water bags

i think they are funny beacause we always always have one in the upstairs closet in my house but who the fuck in the world ever uses them? maybe people in the 50's.

this photo of rachael ray

so happy!

freud, sigmund

birth name: Sigismund Schlomo Freud