more vitamin water

love this stuff.

mason jars

glow sticks

historical reenactments

i've always really wanted to be in one on the history channel; ideally as a girl who is travelling west with her family by covered wagon in search of gold, just as long as i get to wear a bonnet.


fake plants and fake flowers

garden gnomes


this bag

because i think it is supposed to look like a doctor's bag, that's what i read.

all these legs

the new george washington

apparently this is what the first president of america looked like at age 19 and not how he looks on the dollar bill, according to new forensics experts.

this photo

of lindsay lohan's vagina!

these camera phone photos

my pillow case of lady lovely locks mommy! i liked this girl's outfit in the subway station at astor place casey adele

the state

my dad got me this discontinued book on ebay for 80 bucks and then he said he didn't even realized why he did that and spent so much money. i thought it was very thoughtful and funny.

these digital photos

this security guard asleep on the job. it was very late. this digital picture of a phone picture taken of me by my mom from her cell phone and then sent to my cell phone. i tried to look the ugliest i have ever looked, and it you saw the real picture you'd know that i succeeded. i guess that hoboken, new jersey hasn't heard that boston chicken was changed to boston market yet.

this photo

my sister took this at college in iowa. if you look close, you can see his teeth and he is smiling. i assume it is a he. our family loves racoons. this is because when we were little our dad would put piles and piles of any kind of food you can imagine in our back yard for families of racoons to come eat. the food was always piled high right outside of a sliding glass door so we would all watch as a mom and dad racoon brough their adorable baby racoons to feast. my dad always says that to this day, we raised eight generations of racoons. now you see why we all love racoons so much. racoons are my dad's favotie animal. more racoon stories to come soon. also, i am doing all these blog posts tonight to avoid doing my homework.

peter, bjorn and john

their song called young folks (which i am listening to over and over again right now) played at the marc by marc show.

vitamin water (most flavors)

i drink about 3 a day. 50 cent owns the company i hear.

right now right now

i am addicted to the internet and have been for the past few hours because i just got it in my room. i love it. but who doesn't love sitting in front of the internet and not being able to get themselves up even to go pee?

taxidermy on ebay

terrifying and pretty cheap

arts and crafts

rivington arms gallery

the space is cozy and the people that work there are nice and cool