lots of parties over the years, from ny mag

chloe by the cobrasnake (weird?). look at that beautiful hair! she's one of the only famous blondes i really like, her and kiki d. leonardo d. courtney love and jim jarmusch. francis bean looks so much like her. drew b. jean-michel basquiat and andy warhol marc jacobs brooke astor at her 90th birthday party joan baez and jimi hendrix anderson cooper's parents! meryl streep at a woddy allen party. grace jones party monsters dj keoki and michale alig.

i love people's faces: the new york actor, from ny mag

i gotta see this!

wes anderson is directing a japanese cell phone commercial in france starring brad pitt! the yellow suit is amazing, and so is the chubby woman in the bikini. it would kinda fulfill one of my dreams to be in anything by wes anderson. i just want the costumes. p.s. brad pitt is an awesome and amazing actor just so you know. see him as chad in burn after reading.


i love simon doonan

he is the creative director of barneys in new york, and is married to jonathan adler. doonan is british and very saucy. his opinions and analogies and description of people and their outfits are always so accurate and hilarious.

bernadette peters is 60 and still so hot! i'm in love with her!

i saw her in the four seasons hotel lobby when i was a little girl it was one of the best moments of my life and is forever visually implanted in my memory.

my style icons/inspirations

- chloe sevigny - kelly wearstler - hitchcock women - woody allen characters - my mom, for wearing all black, all the time - my mom at every age and in every decade from the 50's to now - my grammy and my great aunt ann for wearing lots of leopard - parker posey as mary in party girl, and her in real life - barbi benton in her mod 60's heyday, those bangs - lisa bonet as a cosby kid - linda richman of coffee talk - basically all old ladies, rich and poor - tea time = liberty prints - marc jacobs - rayanne graff of my so-called life, and all of the early grunge 90's - flappers - eloise of the plaza - henry darger little girls - art deco and many more.

i'm gunna own this coat.


i want that big krimped hair

kelly wearstler

jean seberg

without her short hair.

tippi time

i love her voice, the way she talks so much.

kim novak

in vertigo.


3.1 phillip lim

designer. like the hair lots.