mad men

betty draper is my favorite character. she is just so tragic, i feel so bad for her, and i know that really was the life of many of our grandmothers. plus i love that she goes to therapy.
midge is my second favorite character. she represents the beat life that a woman would have if she chose to do everything the opposite of betty.
i really like rachel because she runs her own company and is a smart, tough lady. and she is jewish and wears leopard print and pink.

how very clueless

“inspired by the dark quirkiness of early Tim Burton films, mixed with 90’s beauty aesthetic captured in the iconic Peter Lindbergh photograph of supermodels Claudia, Cindy, Helena, Naomi, and Tatiana.”

fashion week ended on a good note for me at isaac mizrahi

got excited to see eniko in person.
first of all, i was so very happy to see that my seating assignment had my name on it, a very first! i felt special, so i'm not jaded in that area, yet. the show was very theatrical, like seeing the rehersal or behind the scenes of a stage play, what with rain falling on the runway, a man helping models under the rain with a huge umbrella, a golf cart driven by a man delivering a model to her place on the runway, and isaac walking the whole runway himself at the end, waving and smiling and thanking everyone for coming, in nike sporty flip flops. i really like him. and the clothes were beautiful and sparkly and sequiny, which i always fall for immediately. oh and i saw grace of vogue taking notes! love it!