if you can't tell, i am getting very excited for fashion week!

marc jacobs ads i like

vanity mirror

i took this photo with my blackberry in a dressing room at forever 21 today. i feel like was a very pathetic sentence, and a sneaky act, and i felt like that when i doing it, but hey, it's not uncool. it's the tag of a dress and i just loved it so i had to have it. and since i didn't like the dress enough to buy it i settled for this photo. i kinda wanted to rip the tag out and keep it but im not physically strong enough.

so sassy


i saw this necklace last night in the basement of forever 21. it was the only one left and it didn't have a price tag so when i brought it up to the counter they make up the price and it was only 5 dollars. it's so fabulous and art deco!


jessica harper

i've seen her in stardust memories and love and death, both by woody allen, and she is anne lively (the precog agatha's dead mother) in minority report. i just lover her face.

i love lynn yeager so much...

that i am considering emailing her just to tell her so!

i just ordered this shower curtain

it's a photograph from studio 54 by patrick mcmullen