my first drawings


the BG cafe (at bergdorf goodmans)!

these puff desserts are the best! they only come in pink.

its kinda decorated to be a bit alice in wonderlandy. its so very chic and expensive and fancy. its totally worth it like one a year, or more. i eat the ahi tuna tartar with these really good chips and the gotham salad ooh lala! feed me there! i pretend i'm really, really rich when i go there with my mom, we both do. and it pretty fun to observe the real richies.

alexander wang's "off duty model" look

his muse erin wasson and the designer alexander wang

i like this style. i'd wanna dress in this way he has created/made a term for.

tailer parky fun! kiddie pool!


- i love getting the fuck rid of my shoes.

- i hate bathing suits

- i want to start making drawings and putting them on this baby.

- i want to start making drawings of clothing designs and put them up too.

- i hope i do.

amanda peet as the character rachel in igby goes down

she is very dancer/drug addict a la edie segdwick.
piles of black eye makeup, always smoking, very skinny, always wearing black tights, lives in a soho loft, slicked side parted hair, mod dresses, big cool coats, psycho path, heroin junkie who never really dances. i like the character.

the morton salt girl

i have an antique necklace of her from 1928, that my mom bought for me when i was a brownie/girl scout from the woman who was the head of all girl scouts. the woman was really cool. and i love the necklace so much.

a list of things i hate that most people like:

- cars and driving. my goal is to never own a car and if i never had to drive again it'd be too soon. but i do love riding in the back of a cab.

- beaches and sand

- getting tan, being tan, the process of tanning in any form naturally or fakely.

- living in a house. i like apartments. and never want to own a house or live in one. but i do wanna own a fab apartment.

- vacations

- working out for the rush. i dont work out. i dont exercise.

- cooking

- traveling

- there are more.

like lots

cigarettes and red vines

emphasis on the red vines. they are mealy with texture in a good way.

this cover is amazing for so many reasons...

-the pink text
-the ridiculous chanel sunglasses
-she looks like zsa zsa gabor/my grammy/every old lady in the world
-her lips are pursed like a duck with botox
-how tasteless is the tiny circle with heath as the joker?
-there is a picture of her falling while wearing flannel
-"rehab?" uh duh.
-she spells her name with a dash
-piles and pounds of blush and foundation on that mini face
-the angle of the photograph
-i was genuinely so very excited when my mom brought this home to me.
-more things to come that i haven't noticed yet but will, trust me, cause this cover truly fascinates me.

p.s.- my grammy loves zsa zsa gabor, look her up!

p.p.s.- i love watching music videos on tv.

girls, girls, girls