mrs. robinson

i love her, and all of her animal print clothing.

happy 17th birthday joe! (yesterday)

"i beg your pardon, i never promised you a rose garden."

"she said 'mama, why are there snowflakes?' and i said 'krystal, because of you.' "


this is the grossest picture, my red tights look like a va jay jay! i like photos of people in cabs.

andy is really good on the stripper pole

i like this and think its really cute.

everyone was saying this was chloe sevigny, and i know she was there, but i just don't know. i'm skeptical for some reason.

this is famous transvestite sophia lemar. she's cool looking. andy was totally attracted to her and didn't believe she was a transvestite until we got home and i looked it up online. like andy thought she was really hot and wanted to do her.

this girl was really funny. she had an accent that i couldn't place. she was really drunk and going up to all the men that worked at the club and touching their ties and saying she liked them, their ties that is.

oh and a funny thing about this event is that i had to work at the front door, like i had the guest list and had to be like "you're not on the list" it was ridiculous and like being in hell. hahaha.

outfit post

i like this pic of jamie lee curtis

i just found out she's married to christopher guest!


chantal goya

french actress and singer. i like her. and i have been thinking about cutting my hair that, like hers.

i love doris day!

I love when she sings que ser, sera (whatever will be, will be) in the hitchcock film, the man who knew too much. i love her talking voice and her singing voice, because its so strong. and i too love to sing ques sera, sera.

mummy and papa

CLICK the photo for a way bigger image

this is my mommy and daddy when they were really young, like in their mid twenties, so a bit older than i am now. my mom is really hot (look at that bod, that face, that hair, those cut off bleached denim short shorts) and her outfit is great and so 80's. she now uses that purse as a sewing kit. my dad looks really handsome and jewish and cute and nerdy, but only because of the huge ass glasses. what a skinny couple of kids. this photo really makes me smile, i love it, and them.

*update: this photo was taken at the chicago yacht club. i wonder who took it.

my first outfit post

me in my hot ass jammy jams. i am wearing a pink marc jacobs t-shirt with winona ryder on it, naked for the cause of skin cancer. and those flannel boxers say "paul 11/18/00" and they are from my sister's first boyfriend's bar mitzvah, it was the give away. i have been wearing this outfit to lounge around the apartment and sleep in for about the past week. hahaha. andy took this pic, he will be responsible and credited for all of the pics to come. until the next outfit...
oh and get ready cause i'm working at the nylon anniversary party tomorrow night and have been assigned to take photos at the event, so i will show some! p.s. chloe s. is gunna be there cause she is one of the people on the april cover. and i will be wearing a dress she designed for her collection for opening ceremony. tomorrow nights outfit will be gooood.

outfit pics

i've been thinking about doing this for awhile and i just talked to molly about it. i'm gunna start putting up photos of outfits i wear each day. i'm gunna ask andy to take the photos to get the whole bod view. haha.