brie cheese

i've been eating alot of brie lately, with bread or crackers, but i like it better with bread. its so good.

pictures i like of bob dylan

in the west village with his girlfriend at the time, suze rotolo. she seems cool. she's a teacher at parsons now, specializing in making artists' books. it'd be cool to have her as a teacher.

i think he's really hot here...

and here. something about that scarf. andy has one like it. haha.

he kinda looks like a woman here.

pretty barbie

hitchcock stills recreated in vanity fair!

kolin this one is for you!

jodie foster as tippi hedren in the birds (this is one of my fav photos and movies, because i love tippi)

naomi watts as tippi hedren in marnie (this photo and movie is one of my favs, but of course no one compares to tippi, i need to buy this dvd from kims soon!)

seth rogen as a comical cary grant in north by northwest (great movie)

keira knightly and jennifer jason leigh in rebecca (i like this photo alot, and they look so much like the characters)

marion cotillard as janet leigh in psycho (i like marion alot, i think she's so cute and i really want to see la vie en rose)

scarlett johansson as grace kelly and javier bardem as jimmy stewart in rear window (one of my fav movies, and i recently discovered that a view from one of the windows in my apartment is exactly like in the movie, so i plan on doing a lot of peeping)

this is my bday

i would like to thank my friends and lovers for their presents. molly for her plastic realistic toy horse that in now being displayed in my window sill, adele for her favorite hitchcock movie the lady vanishes, and andy for his flower teacup, matching saucer, house shaped teapot, and british wine gummies. i really truly love them all so much!


andy came home from work and found me asleep like this and took a pic!

this, this, this

totally fake kelly bag

the dress and pointed toes

wine place? looks cool, called adour.

these are gunna be mine

for sure


both from forever 21, and so cheap.

i love agyness deyn

i saw her the other day at one of my fav restaurants veselka in the morning. i was with my mom and brother and i got really excited, and i think she was with her mom. she was wearing a crazy cool outfit. my brother took a pic of her when she turned around and i was embarrassed. but she didn't see so that was good.

harino strawberry wheels

i'm badly addicted to them and eat them everyday at work. try them and eat them, if you can get your hands on them!

makin' dresses

i'd wear each and every one of these dresses, if only i knew how to sew them up.

winona in costume