the ladies of snl as the real housewives.
fave is always tina.

coolest lady ever.


obviously, the kid is probably hers, but in my head i thought she was the baby sitter, cause she looked so young and skinny and relaxed and stylish and wearing really high heeled clogs for christ's sake! i basically never think anyone is old enough to have a kid. i first noticed her because she was saying really cute things to the kid, like funny phrases for how much she loved him. i kinda followed accross the street, i think she realized and when into a toy store because of it.

honest abe in a geico commercial!

i love anything that takes place at a hotel

emma stone is so hilarious in this sketch, her faces, and she sounds exactly like juliette lewis, which is a voice i always find funny. so is the new guy, i watched it so many times. god i love accuracy in comedy, that's all i ever want from my comedy, accuracy. i also love depressing shit, like conferences/organizations/meetings that take place in those rooms in chain hotels that only get used for those types of things, even though they probably hoped something of a higher class would be using them when they were being built. i may be completely wrong.

"every single year there's a girl that breaks her arm, and this year i'm that girl!"

i love letterman jackets!

breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

cool man, great party

dan savage's crush


this is how i always feel

on special leave from the betty ford clinic...

lindsay lohan.

"so what?! Who cares?!"

dramatic silly bandz

cold mess

"can you guys keep it down?!?"

the lint licker girl!

i love: the exploding girl