my grampy underwater! amazing.

this is now the background on my computer!

tell me about it, stud

gemma! i see her around nyc a lot.
givenchy fall 2007 i have been obsessed with these studded pieces (especially the top 3 pics) since they were created, i want them so bad!

oh hello handsome

my aunt patti bought this german shepard pup on the right and named him bruce. they have another german shepard named mike, and used to have a german shepard named brutus. my other aunt, laura, had a german shepard named boris. growing up my mom's family had 4 german shepards named kippy, voltaire, delilah, and sampson. whenever my grammy sees a german shepard she says with great excitment, "oh look there's a german police dog!"

the contents of my room in bk

stylist camilla nickerson self styled in purple

i would really love to have a rodarte loose knitted dress like this one, and need those christian louboutin for rodarte heels (with spikey claws and all!)
this is my background on my computer
like i've said before, i love her face.
i really love this shoot and literally think about it all the time, i'm obsessed with it.

c. love

i saw courtney love on this day, june 22 i think. she was being chased by paparazzi in the west village on her way to the store geminola, which was exactly where i was headed, but it was sadly closed. what if it had been open and we were both in there together?! i think i might have said, "i love you courtney! can we be friends?" but i'll never know. she was looking so fucking thin, but i like the outfit.

she's jewish, she's poor, she lives on the lower east side, and her name is rebecca

newest american girl doll. my sister has the same name.
i still have kirsten, molly, addy, felicity, and samantha (who they just stopped making). kirsten was always my favorite. i painted her nails and toes lavender, pierced her ears, cut her hair shoulder length, and wrote her name on her stomach. i was very spoiled.i love american girl dolls. i was in heaven the one or two times i was at the store, it's kinda sad how much i still love them. they are in boxes in my dad's garage.