this pretty 'lil 'ole lady

karen kilimnik art

i'm going to have that kind of couch in my shop.

new courtney love

(shes into marc jacobs)

i'm into this ridiculous look

i think i read that these shoes are inspired by or named after posh spice.

look how cool these new marc jacobs shoes are! reverse heel!

worn here by parker posey.

reading fashion mags while at physical therapy treatments is fun fun fun!

today i stole this magazine from my physical therapist's office. australian vogue is way better than american vogue, i learned while waiting. this issue is from july, so i knew i would not be able to get it anywhere else, and i was becoming more and more obsessed with it as i looked at it, so i just put it in my backpack while the curtain was closed and i was changing back into my clothes. i hope i'm not a terrible person. the doctor at the office is australian so i guess she likes to order australian vouge for her patients. awesome.

last week i looked at harper's bazaar and i almost stole that too, but decided not to cause i finished reading what i wanted to, it was kinda about grey gardens.

is it bad to steal waiting room mags? shit. am i a klepto for old, used, fashion magazines filled with other people's germs and finger oils?

some funny kiki photos, i like how shes kinda such a mess. i like sloppy looking people sometimes. but not hot messes. hahaa. but please understand, dunst is never never a hot mess!

truman capote's black and white ball

mia farrow and frank sinatra, 1966

this lovely image

truman capote and his stories

(i guess one more reason i could see liking monroe would be because capote did so much, and always saw her as his holly golightly)

i read the diamond guitar outloud last night and it was wonderful and sad. his stories always make me happy and sad and thoughtful and introspective all at the same time.

these boots are from steve madden ( i really love almost all of their shoes). what color combo do you like the best?

this image/ad featuring jessica stam

my shop

on september 22nd, 2007 i decided that i am going to have my own shop. my shop will be called pinksky22. my shop will sell womens clothing. my shop will be a designer consignment/vintage/resale store. i plan to start it in chicago. i want my shop to have mirrored floors and tin ceilings. i am very excited and cannot wait to start my very own shop! i plan to have parties there with my friends too. ooh la la! tell me what you think.

p.s.- so far, i have bought 2 books about consignment retail shops from amazon. one of them was a pamphlet put together by a woman named sue. the collateral for her loan for her shop was her 2 tractors!

p.p.s.- oh and one day i will have my clothing shop, my mom will have her antique shop, and my brother will have his barber shop all next to each other in a row like one big happy family!


my dad just sent me this photo of marilyn monroe from 1952 and the title of his email was RACHEL GET STRONG! you see, my dad thinks i need to lift weights and get some muscle because i am so week and get alot of pulled muscles and injuries because of it. i guess this photo is supposed to be my inspiration, to want to be like marily monroe, but shes just never done it for me. there is only one photo of her that makes me like her and feel for her and it is by richard avedon. here it is...

so sad, i love it.

i like: bacon