reading fashion mags while at physical therapy treatments is fun fun fun!

today i stole this magazine from my physical therapist's office. australian vogue is way better than american vogue, i learned while waiting. this issue is from july, so i knew i would not be able to get it anywhere else, and i was becoming more and more obsessed with it as i looked at it, so i just put it in my backpack while the curtain was closed and i was changing back into my clothes. i hope i'm not a terrible person. the doctor at the office is australian so i guess she likes to order australian vouge for her patients. awesome.

last week i looked at harper's bazaar and i almost stole that too, but decided not to cause i finished reading what i wanted to, it was kinda about grey gardens.

is it bad to steal waiting room mags? shit. am i a klepto for old, used, fashion magazines filled with other people's germs and finger oils?

some funny kiki photos, i like how shes kinda such a mess. i like sloppy looking people sometimes. but not hot messes. hahaa. but please understand, dunst is never never a hot mess!