how to steal a million

this movie is now one of my favorites. i just bought the dvd on a whim at kim's. it stars audrey hepburn and a young peter o'toole. the costumes are by givenchy i think i recall. uh anyways its about an art museum heist and its just great.

the cover of my dvd has the above image on it

k. dunst at the oscars

love the dress, most adorable girl there.

peter o'toole is cool

'nough said from this photo at the 79th oscars

two famousish people and a burn

last night i saw comedian chelsea peretti GO TO HER WEBSITE AND DISCOVER HER ( and today i saw julian casablancas of the strokes. i was very excited about both sightings because i like both of these people very, very mush. i think they are cool and superfantastic. last night i also burned my upper arm with a pan full of pizza from the oven. it looks like shit.

things i like right now: rayanne graff of my so called life fame

she is angela's (claire danes) troubled best friend, and she is just so cool.

things i like right now: old egyptian rulers who are beautiful

nefertiti: so beautiful and cool

king tut: so handsom and tragic, he died young and i've always had a sick fucked up crush on him

alos, this was all so sentimental.

things i hate right now: pigeons

they are so fucking gross, they constantly have lice, they eat garbage, and when i walk towards they dont move but if another guy is walking towards them from the opposite way they fucking move for him and then they fly over my head and drop the bread crumbs they were just eating that some bum guy fed them and they also drop lice on to my head. there are my fears with pigeons. its so cliche to think pigeons are gross but they really are. and every time i tell my mom this she says that i used to chase pigeons in the city whe i was little and i fucking ahte myself for it cause they probbaly gave me diseases.

i have a tiny gold splinter in my thumb

and i don't know how it got there and it won't come out, but it doesn't hurt so i guess its ok. i just did this post to avoid writing a 5 page psychology paper on autobigraphical memories related to odor.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

jd made this drawing

click each to enlarge and see the detail! here is a close up of me and andy. i think its really wonderful and funny. i mean what more could i want than to be wearing pink, looking as short as a child, and be portrayed smoking. i am dead serious, this drawing makes me seem so cool! and andy is hot, with his skinny legs in tight jeans, flannelish shirt, and sexy stubble. these descriptions are totally genuine. i love it. here are eamon and keegan. great! eamon pissing, keegan listening to music. and last but not least mike b! weeeeee! such a good capture of teh wave. and now i would just like to praise jd for making this splendid drawing and thank him for including me. keep on doing what you do. you will be famous. cheersy jd, rachel!