best thing ever/made my night

trudy is my favorite character on mad men. pete (or peter as trudy calls him) and trudy, are the most unintentionally funny characters/couple on the show, or just in general, to me. and people who don't try to be funny and don't even know why they are funny, are my favorite kind of funny people. i think a lot of credit for this should go to the actors alison brie and vincent kartheiser (loved him for awhile). trudy is just so fucking amazing and hilarious to me. and this outfit is no exception. a short sexy pink nightie while sooo preggers, only trudy would think of wearing it like it's totally normal and also pull it off! i guess i'm really into pink 60's dresses. i'm cool with that. i can think of two that i actually own myself. and i love them both.

that pink dress!

i gasped and my mouth dropped open when this dress came on screen. i took a screencap right away, then paused it, took another one, then kept it paused and thought. i thought about how that dress was so beautiful and how it seemed fancy and expensive. and i wondered if it was in fact expensive, could a secretary afford it? would she have to save up for a few nice work dresses? or did she make enough money? and maybe the dress was actually cheap, and would be found today at h+m or something,but just looks expensive to me because it's designed so well and is vintage to my eyes? i plan on researching this to out.
dream job = costume department on mad men early 60's is my 2nd favorite time period for clothing.

don's been puking a bunch this season

this is right after he throws up very loudly. i feel like this is the closest we've ever seen his handsome face.

that pink two tone dress and erring ensemble

what i wouldn't give to be an extra on mad men strictly to wear the clothing of the era. or better yet, work in the costume department. i'd move to L.A. for that.


after watching this episode the first time, i searched for it online specifically so i could take this screencap of liz lemon. i love her side braid updo and piled on make up, done by her gay cousin randy, visting from out of town. makeover success! i honestly want to look like this when going out. i shall use it as a reference point.
look at the intensity in liz lemon's eyes right before she says, "let's do this." not to mention how beautiful that japanese body pillow is.
i really wish this was my morning wake up look, every morning.

boardwalk empire

my dream job = costume department of boardwalk empire or really any job that would allow me to work on and see that boardwalk set! i'll get there someday. the 1920's are my favorite clothing era, and favorite decade overall.

bale's face

from a trailer. also, um, here's a thought i've never had until just now when i typed his last name mark wahlBERG jew-ish?!


audience member couple from a louis c.k. comedy central presents live taping. so late 90's, so not his audience.

wonky eyes peet

i love amanda peet. i love her as jordan. so when i was watching one of my many favorite canceled shows, studio 60 on the sunset strip, i wanted to capture her beauty, but often when i tried her eyes were all lazy looking, which made me think, does everyone have an eye that lags?! hope so!

the larry sanders show

in this episode, larry walks in on winona ryder and jon stewart (who play themselves) making out. larry is pissed because the he is trying to get with winona (who is a guest on his show that night), and jon works for him. the description of the episode is "larry is obsessed with winona ryder," though he hardly seems obsessed, more just like he wants to hook up with her. it's all very hilarious in 1998.

that swingin' sixties one piece

that purple dress

tb in the 1920's

i took these when i was thinking of creating an authentic 1920's hotel. they were for decor ideas, ignore all the blood and vampires.

mad men falling

kolin also send me this photo of an opening credits still from his tv, because we share a love of mad men. doesn't it seem like mad men would/should be one word? madmen.


my friend kolin took this photo of the tv which is of me in the audience on late night with conan o'brien. brian stack is the man sitting next to me as an audience plant. i didn't know it at the time, but he was at second city around the same time as my aunt. i wish i had known this and told him, then we would have had something to talk about.


the woman in the lime green track suit is reviewing shows from fashion week on full frontal fashion.

winona ryder as nola in celebrity by woody allen

i took these because i always want that hair style.

full house resident bad girl gia

i thought she was so cool, and still do. the 90's are my third favorite decade for clothing. my 4th favorite clothing decade is the 70's.