i love pat so much!

this photo was taken with my new blackberry.


janice the muppet

i love her face and look. here is a list of real life humans that look like janice, or remind me of her in some way... -courtney love -donatella versace -the olsen twins -janis joplin -that girl ania on sunset tan

grace jones

how cool is chloe?!

in her cut off jean shorts, mets tank, raybans, and leopard head scarf styled after aunt jemima. i love the name jemima.


3 of my favorite things...shoes, pastries, and old fashioned fridges.

i just can't help it...

i like edie sedgwick. and she kinda sometimes reminds me of the previously mentioned michelle williams, because she played a version of her in the film i'm not there, named coco rivington.

ms. williams

as the face for the designers band of outsiders (BOY). no make up, no hair dresser. i think michelle was the stylist herself. beautiful fashion photography. i love the fur collar. and mens inspired suits, kinda like annie hall. and checkered patterns.


in a short remake of band of outsiders.

which rug shall i choose for my new room?

the walls are gunna be candy pink and filled with pale pink antiques. just so you know. may sound tacky, but hey, it won't be as gaudy as it sounds, or maybe it will, which could be great too.

interview with the vampire

starring a baby kirsten dunst, mature beyond her years, as my favorite character claudia of course. she is an adult trapped in a child's body.

fashion and wardrobe stylist!

jobs i'm gunna dooooo! -fashion stylist (maybe freelance) in new york for magazine photo shoots. i would like to start as someone's assistant in order to learn all i need to know! i have been an intern at nylon magazine, which i think will help. -wardrobe stylist/costumer on new york movie sets. i would also like to start as an assistant to learn! this job chooses the costumes for the actors and dresses them. -work at marc jacobs in some capacity, either at any of their stores in nyc, or for the company starting as an intern. if anyone can help or has a connection, let me know, and thank you so much! i will be back in new york after november 1st! p.s.- i will work for free or very little money yo!


the olympic games are awesome! they really make me root for america and get really excited when we win. but i have to say, the opening ceremony in beijing was a bit reminiscent of nazi germany to me! also, 40 billion dollars!? whoooowweeeeee!

right now i am...

-reading/looking at fashion blogs -watching the olympics opening ceremony on mute cause i do not like them but i feel i should watch to be informed -wishing i was in new york -drinking a cup of green tea and splenda -and wishing i was dressed like this photo right now cause im in my pajamas