when i'm done with school and move back to chicago...

i want to take ballet lessons and horseback riding lessons (and have a pet cat or dog) and maybe take some yoga classes. anybody wanna do that stuff with me? molly? andy? anyone! and yes i am fully aware that i am regressing into girlhood with these hobbies but i still think it will be very fun and funny. western or english riding style? oh and as far as ballet, i think it'd be really awesome to take lesson from some crabby old lady in her apartment that isn't certified or something, kind of like in drop dead gorgeous. tandeau close, tandeau close, tandeau close plee-AY!


the story of a kleptomaniac, her serious (sexual) psychological problems and the man that loves her. starring my darling tippi hedren and the young and sexy sean connery with his lucious accent. by alfred hitchcock. i love early 1960's movies!

washing out that black hair dye.

hairstyle similar to madeline's in vertigo

a sad, tragic beauty

i love the equestrian style

with a gun, pow!

this is one of my favorite screen stills of tippi

lil played by diane baker (alfred hitchcock and his wife alma told miss baker that they thought she looked very much like grace kelly)

an older tippi to see

more on tippi!

her birth name is nathalie kay and her father gave her tippi "a Swedish nickname, (short) for Tupsa... meaning 'Little Girl' in Swedish".

she has been married four times.

oh and when i get a bedlington terrier puppy, i am pretty sure i am going to name it tippi cause i love that name, even if it is a boy and not a little baby girl.

also, tippi and hitchcock and all of his blondes make me wanna be blonde myself, for a hot minute. but then i go back to liking the raven haired female characters in his movies because they are typically the bad evil untrustworthy ones. haha.

how funny is this photo! i want a bird to light all my cigarettes!

i have been wanting a fur coat like this for a long time, but in fuax fur.

tippi hedren's daughter is melanie griffith and i am guessing that she named her after the character she played in the birds, melanie daniels.

i am really obsessed with tippi hedren. i love her so much.

some beauty shots.

i like this

this luggage by marc jacobs for louis vuitton

starring in the wes anderson movie the darjeeling limited. seeing this luggage inspired me to buy a fake louis vuitton bag on canal. i like to think of it as a mini duffle bag for traveling, but i use it everyday and i love it.

molly and i and gunna have a singing band!

my best friend molly and me are living together next year and we are going to have a band because we love to sing really loud when we are together. she wants our band to be called the bandettes, but im still not sure. cool! the following are photos with just me and molly in them. woo hooo.