how wonderful

one of my favorite disney cartoon movies


i worked (with the stylist) on this nylon magazine 10th anniversary cover shoot, with lilo.
as you can clearly see, i got that necklace in white haha.

this post i requested is on

new job

i am a fashion stylist's assistant now, and i love it. i have been very busy in a great way. it has been my dream to be a stylist's assistant, and i thought it would take me a lot longer to be one. i love my job! that's all.

i've loved her since little women

i saw kirsten dunst walking down the street today. she was smoking and talking to a friend. i sound like a stalker, yes, for sure, but i just love her so much, it was a dream come true, i've wanted to see her in person for so long. she was very tall, i imagined her to be short. kiki d. i will love you always.

chloe for O.C.

i love the way she looks in this photo, so sinister.
i plan on buying this leopard cardigan...
and this pink flannel.
"My references are all over the map," said Chloƫ Sevigny, "from skinheads to Connecticut kids to St. Mark's Place. But this all really started because I wanted to make a pink flannel shirt!"