i really like this bathtub. its in a house in savannah, georgia somewhere. i maybe wanna live in that city and state for a bit. and work at the new marc jacobs store that is opening! a few months ago lee noticed that im into the south lately in a very dreamy, idealistic way.


purple, shit brown, and shades of grey are the new colors for this blog, for now. i like the combination of purple and brown, even though up until today i thought i hated the color purple in all shades, now i kinda like it alot. what do you guys think of the color purple? p.s. i almost bought/tried on a pair of purple pants today.

i like ghoast towns but of course they scare the shit our of me

i went to one in colorado when i was younger with my extended family, the town was set up for gold mining and then everyone just left when all the gold was gone.

i like this

i want to have some kind of my own store when i'm a little older.

lost sweater

this is a photo of me from like 2 or 3 years ago as a freshman in college. the point is that in this photo i am wearing what used to be my favorite article of clothing, a red marc jacobs sweater with black houndstooth trim. since this photo was taken, i have totally lost that sweater and i am just wondering if anyone has seen it. did i give it to you molly? thanks you.

on a bus

click on this photo to make it bigger and see the bbeautiful details. this is a screen cap from the movie stranger than fiction. this scene takes place on a bus. it was filmed in chicago. the person circled in red is my boyfriend andy and further back is will ferrell sitting down in a trench coat. my best friend molly is also in this movie so i will have to find a screen cap to show her off on this blog in the future. very cool huh.

cut off jean short shorts

i really wanna wear some (not these ones pictured exactly) but the weather will just not permitt me to, its like, the weather is my parent and he/she will just not grant me permission to wear the short shots these days. and its like i have 2 great pairs just sitting in my closet waiting for me, waiting on me. on my walk home i though about just trying them on and wearing them around my room but its even too cold in there cause my windows fucking just love to leak in coldness and wind. fuck you weather heather.

black snake moaaaaan

sam l. jackson is coool too. everything is hotter down south christina ricci is so beautiful and cool

justin timberlake is great.


david letterman's son is named harry, so is full name is harry letterman. say that out loud. it sounds like he is a hairy letter man, like a man who delivers letters who is hairy, a hairy guys who is man and delivers letter to you.


this movie has all of my favorite people it in, so many that i cannot even start to mention them all. who am i kidding... directed by david wain staring winona ryder, michale showalter, michael ian black, justin theroux, paul rudd, a.d. miles, zak orth, jason sudeikis, kerri kenney, jo lotruglio, thomas lennon, andrea rosen, ken marino, etc.

north by northwest

by alfred hitchcock starring cary grant and eva marie saint

the credits are great.

the bad guys

famous shot

gettin' cary grant drunk

in this shot, right before a loud gun is shot one of the extras who is a little boy knew it was coming and so he clearly plugs his ears right before, its really funny.

mt. rushmore

cary grant is so sexy i love him so much

this is hitchcock