blue moon ice cream

fruitloops or almond. i dunno. only in michigan.


the post before this made me realize how much i want my thirst to always be quenched by cold lemonade, but it never really happens. i like lemonade still, but lemonade stands held my little kids make me feel quilty for not buying.

this ad that was on myspace

notice the direction and the way in which she's pulling her jean skirt. i also like myspace in general. it is way better than facebook

kirsten dunst

love her teeth, face, the way she speaks, haircuts, everything.

paper dolls

cold tombstone pizza


i'm going to name my next pet blueberry or booberry.

baby bunnie in my yard

my dog got one in his mouth when they were so young that they did not have hair but he dropped it and then my brother put on gloves and carried it back to the hole with the other babies and the mom bunnie rabbit came back every night to care for the babies. i like this photo and now i want a bunnie as a pet. my mom took this photo with her new digital camera.

rachael ray

i actually have a love/hate relationship with her. sometimes i feel like she is pathetic and lonely when i watch her and so then i feel sorry for her, which i hate. but overall, i also can't stop watching her and i guess i just love watching her be weird. oh and the fake sexy google photos of her licking dirty spoons, bending over to place something in the oven, etc. are great, as are her tiny boobs. i fucking love rachael ray. but not the way she spells her first name. it should obviously be spelled r-a-c-h-e-l. like me! i've talked to other rachels and it is totally the correct way.

skim milk

i love how skim milk is totally watery; looks, tastes, is.

this real barbie birthday cake

this cake was for my sister's 18th birthday and i was very jealous because it was so fucking beautiful. anyways, the whole barbie was in there, legs and all. she had a pink tank top on, but no underwear, which i thought was inappropriate because what if this cake had been for a little girl and her little girl friends. i made a million dollar bet with my friend that the barbie had legs, she didn't think it would. i won. she owes me a million dollars.

cherry jolly ranchers

i also like the product's name: jolly rancher. it is pretty wierd if you think about it. images of a smiling ranch hand doing hard manual labor like digging holes comes to mind.

audrey hepburn and her stamps

everything about her is just good.

christian bale

especially as teddie/laurie in little women

paper products

kleenex tissue- #1 toilet paper- #2 paper towels- #3 i just love all paper products. i cannot live without them. i love buying new ones when i run out.

ben and me

this is a scene from the movie ben and me which is about benjamin franklin and his mouse. this movie claims that the mouse was responsible for all of mr. franklin's inventions. it is a very good movie. i think benjamin franklin is the only person to be on american money without ever being the president. so thats pretty cool cool.