the smell outside of subway stores

the smell of their specific bread baking is so delicious and a bit nauseating in a good way.

hot dogs with ketchup and mustard

i really do love hot dogs i've realized, with lots of ketchup and mustard poured on sloppy.

nylon magazine of course

i fucking need to be an intern there whoo wee

this factory, and the photo of it

chocolate theme

this photo

of a chocolate factory and all


looks like poo but i think its a chocolate river stream

alton brown

i especially like his show feasting on asphalt

this photo of lindsay lohan

such excess (in a good way)

my two fucking favorite people in the world

winona ryder and michael showalter (as a cop) they are touching. also, this photo was in the tabloid Life and Style. when my mom told me this, i thought it was a sick joke. but my heart was beating very rapidly in hopes that it was, in fact, true. i hope they go out. even though it would surely lessen my chances with michael showalter, im willing to let that happen for this match made in heaven.

lemon and lime

i like to squeeze their juices on top of many foods, especially fried rice and pad thai.


most types. i like the taste and texture.

the colors of these b.a.p.e shoes



a simple calender for easy organization. and the calender always has to start the week off on a sunday, none of this monday-being-the-first-day-of-the-week bullshit.

this diagram of how a blackberry gets service?

complicated, yet simple

this photo of kim catrall

so weird

diet coke and this photo of diet coke

i love it, although i hear it is bad for you if you drink it all the time so i am worried