i love the count down to midnight of the new year

love it. i should wear a beehive 'do for new years eve.

the roar foundation, shambala preserve

tippi hedren started it and is the president of this wild cat preserve in acton california, near la. i am going to visit there and stay over night in a tent, and then ask if i can volunteer to work there when i graduate. she is so cool.



tippi birds doll

gold frames and cameos

i'm really into both and want some in my apartment.

this fancy restaurant on the man made lake

i am taking a train tomorrow with andy from new york to chicago for about 20 hours and i am so excited! its gunna be a fun and classy adventure. im gunna go pack now!

row boars in central park!

this series of photos.

rachael the replicant of blade runner played by sean young



i should be her for halloween. i just don't like how her name is spelled rachAel!

this bathing suit

on rihanna

william klein fashion photos, 1960

lynn yaeger

she is a fashion writer and known for "her eccentric personal style, powdered face and dark, cupid's-bow lipstick." i've seen her three times in person. the first time she was sitting kinda near me while i stood at the marc by marc jacobs show and i was really curious about her and so i went home and researched her cause i knew she was a cool someone. she reminds me of an old timey british royal queen, if that makes sense. the other two times that i saw her was on the street and one time she had a cool personalized bag that said baby lynnie (pictured above), which i thought was so cool. i wanna be like her when im older cause i love her style. i read an article by her today and she said she doesn't have an air conditioner because it would ruin her art deco apartment, how cool is that! i wanna be friends with her!

margot at the wedding: i'm going to buy this as soon as it comes out

i love this scene where the sisters are laughing really hard because it reminds me of when my immediate or extended family get together, and the kind of really hard laughter that you can only achieve with your family or very, very close friend because they share all of the same past experiences, that are usually hilarious.

i love the kind of sweater that pauline (jennifer jason leigh) is wearing and i'm going to try and buy one tomorrow.

i like this.

i like the wigs and dresses.

i love this image

the background is so messy, i love it. and keira and the dress. i read atonement senior year of high school, and i just saw the movie, and now i cant stop thinking about the story.

how hilarious at prom like 20 thousand years ago!

i kinda looked like a rockabilly lady that night i now realize. this photo was actually taken about 4 years ago when we were teenagers.

too hot to handle

mj in front of a dekooning or possibly a richard prince after dekooning. i wonder if he owns it. if he wasn't gay i'd realy wanna date him.

cool, funny, and i kinda want that beehive on my own head, if i knew my neck could hold it up!


i love this old photo of liv and i, its so funny. who or what are we looking at?! and look at our red lipstick!


i used this apricot body scrub in the shower today and it smelled like wet mcdonalds chicken mcnuggets, which i havent smelled in a long time. gross but kinda cool?

photos that i pulled from other websites and were sitting on my desktop

this is the only time i've seen melanie look tippi-esque

conclusion: i like british babes and their styles, such as keira, sienna, kate, posh. and i'd like a british accent myself.
p.s.- remember when victoria beckham's name was victoria adams when she was a spice girl?!