lynn yaeger

she is a fashion writer and known for "her eccentric personal style, powdered face and dark, cupid's-bow lipstick." i've seen her three times in person. the first time she was sitting kinda near me while i stood at the marc by marc jacobs show and i was really curious about her and so i went home and researched her cause i knew she was a cool someone. she reminds me of an old timey british royal queen, if that makes sense. the other two times that i saw her was on the street and one time she had a cool personalized bag that said baby lynnie (pictured above), which i thought was so cool. i wanna be like her when im older cause i love her style. i read an article by her today and she said she doesn't have an air conditioner because it would ruin her art deco apartment, how cool is that! i wanna be friends with her!