i wanna eat a really good salad tomorrow.

check out andy's new blog!

click here!

my blog has basically evolved into a fashion blog, and i like it

or has it always been a fashiony blog?

i like this photo. alison mosshart of the band the kills is on the left and i think shes cool.

goof balls and tea!

liberty prints!


sexy cool brave


i like the way she dresses and her face, how her eyes are wide set. my grammy calls her a clotheshorse, but in a good way. my grammy said she needed to be all fancy. clotheshorses are defined as people who are overly concerned or obsessed with dressing fashionably. this may sound weird but if that is the actual meaning, i would like to consider myself to be one, and if i'm not already, i wanna be one.

chloe sevigny doing cool stuff...

... like coming out of one of my favorite diners veselka that i actually ate at tonight (andy was there earlier tonight with keegan and they saw her walk by the glass window), wearing a hot ass outfit, and carrying the village voice (which i just recently discovered is so good and fun and funny to read)! i wanna be her friend, and i'm gunna buy so much of her opening ceremony clothes line, i've been saving all my money up for it!

these shoes

from victoria's secret!? i just found out tonight that they have some good shoes, from looking at the blog style bytes, which i love.

rowan and martin's laugh-in!

goldie hawn is my fav in it. watch clips on youtube!

i like this photo of this lady

i found it on some biology and brain website while doing research for a quiz.

edith head

she basically did all of the costumes for every hitchcock movie, and more.

i have to change the title of this post because i get too many comments asking me shit

i just interviewed for the internship today and got the job! i start on tuesday and i can't wait! and i got these 2 issues free!

rear window set

i'd like to live there, but with out the murder.

color scheme

this is one of the books i have to read for one of my classes. my teacher wrote it. her name is vera and i really like that name. but this post is really about how i totally love the colors of this book cover. shades of pink and purple, light and dark. so pretty to my eye.

these wallpapery patterns

i like this sign

happy 22nd birthday k. casey s. !

(the boy in the red shirt)