i like this

new mj ad by juergen teller? possibly, i dunno. i just made it the background on my compoter.

cokes... just drive in and get a coke... if you're thirsty

parker posey and her poodle-maltese mix doggy gracie

Nice bag.
It is, right? Marc Jacobs.
Did you have to pay for it?
No. Shhhh.
Is that the best part of being famous? The free stuff?
No, not really. The major celeb perk is being able to help out friends. Like the other day, my friend’s dog bit a girl on the street and the girl got so upset. She was totally freaking out, and she wanted to go to the emergency room and everything. She was stoned, you know? But then she recognized me, and it just changed the whole temperature of things. She was like, “Oh, my God, I love you,” and everything was fine. That’s what’s good about being a celebrity.

other female disney villans that i like alot

cinderella's stepmother

snowhite's evil queen


cruella de ville

this cig ad with kate moss, weird

young tom waits yearbook photo

andy found this on google images. my brother joe saw this and said he looks like someone who got murdered in the 60's. i think thats a very accurate description and so now this photo scares me, but it did before that comment a little too. i said he looked like a lion, more specifically, the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz. and then me joe and andy had a small debate on if tom waits really played the cowardly lion and then we realized that itd be impossible what with age and dates and all and that we were idiots.

i like amy winehouse and her song rehab

beehive hair!

my blog is a bit over a year old!

this blog was started may 4th, 2006. so the one year anniversary of this blog, things i like right now, was may 4th, 2007. about a month ago. yay! happy belated birthday my blog, you are one year old! how time flies when you are having fun! i really do love this blog ive come to really realize! love, rachel

french singer fran├žoise hardy is so pretty and cool i could look at her forever

into those sunglasses.

with bob dylan, he mentions her in a song

looking like a child

this photo is really sad to me but its makes me love it even more

bone structure!

lips, pout

her song in the dreamers turned me on to her, she and her song were very popular back in may of 1968, says bernardo bertolucci. haha.

andy just put this fantastic photo as a comment on my myspace

of serge gainsbourg and jane birkin, but i just like to call them serge and jane. they are the parents to charlotte gainsbourg who i really like, and jane is the momma to lou doillon i just realized/found out, who i also really like. they all kinda look alike and i like that look alot. lemon incest! charlotte for ever! jane birkin bangs!

thought: i like the term celebfest!

also, i just realized that whenever i see a photo of a girl wearing an outfit or an article of clothing that i like, i say in my head, "oh you fucking bitch." and i think this is pretty fucked/messed up, but hilarious, like cause i get so angry, and thats hwo bad i want it, that i resort to calling them a bitch in my head cause they have it. jeeez me. and after rereading this, i think this wil probably make you not like me, so im sorry in advance. hahahhaa. im actually a nice person after its all said and done i hope. this is a really weird post btw, i think cause, no im sure cause ive had to much diet coke too late. i really dont wanna go to the dmv tomorrow cause it stressed me out so much. im excited to pick up my new pair of rayban perscription glasses made my lenscrafters tomorrow. im really excited to babysit this summer. and i saw knocked up tonight and i really liked it. done, nite!

i like these rooms

i saw them on style bubble blog. so lavish.