thought: i like the term celebfest!

also, i just realized that whenever i see a photo of a girl wearing an outfit or an article of clothing that i like, i say in my head, "oh you fucking bitch." and i think this is pretty fucked/messed up, but hilarious, like cause i get so angry, and thats hwo bad i want it, that i resort to calling them a bitch in my head cause they have it. jeeez me. and after rereading this, i think this wil probably make you not like me, so im sorry in advance. hahahhaa. im actually a nice person after its all said and done i hope. this is a really weird post btw, i think cause, no im sure cause ive had to much diet coke too late. i really dont wanna go to the dmv tomorrow cause it stressed me out so much. im excited to pick up my new pair of rayban perscription glasses made my lenscrafters tomorrow. im really excited to babysit this summer. and i saw knocked up tonight and i really liked it. done, nite!