my shop

on september 22nd, 2007 i decided that i am going to have my own shop. my shop will be called pinksky22. my shop will sell womens clothing. my shop will be a designer consignment/vintage/resale store. i plan to start it in chicago. i want my shop to have mirrored floors and tin ceilings. i am very excited and cannot wait to start my very own shop! i plan to have parties there with my friends too. ooh la la! tell me what you think.

p.s.- so far, i have bought 2 books about consignment retail shops from amazon. one of them was a pamphlet put together by a woman named sue. the collateral for her loan for her shop was her 2 tractors!

p.p.s.- oh and one day i will have my clothing shop, my mom will have her antique shop, and my brother will have his barber shop all next to each other in a row like one big happy family!