this cover is amazing for so many reasons...

-the pink text
-the ridiculous chanel sunglasses
-she looks like zsa zsa gabor/my grammy/every old lady in the world
-her lips are pursed like a duck with botox
-how tasteless is the tiny circle with heath as the joker?
-there is a picture of her falling while wearing flannel
-"rehab?" uh duh.
-she spells her name with a dash
-piles and pounds of blush and foundation on that mini face
-the angle of the photograph
-i was genuinely so very excited when my mom brought this home to me.
-more things to come that i haven't noticed yet but will, trust me, cause this cover truly fascinates me.

p.s.- my grammy loves zsa zsa gabor, look her up!

p.p.s.- i love watching music videos on tv.