Tuesday, January 30, 2007

jd made this drawing

click each to enlarge and see the detail! here is a close up of me and andy. i think its really wonderful and funny. i mean what more could i want than to be wearing pink, looking as short as a child, and be portrayed smoking. i am dead serious, this drawing makes me seem so cool! and andy is hot, with his skinny legs in tight jeans, flannelish shirt, and sexy stubble. these descriptions are totally genuine. i love it. here are eamon and keegan. great! eamon pissing, keegan listening to music. and last but not least mike b! weeeeee! such a good capture of teh wave. and now i would just like to praise jd for making this splendid drawing and thank him for including me. keep on doing what you do. you will be famous. cheersy jd, rachel!