i bought jars at the container store yesterday in preparation to collect when all the cicadas finally come this 17th year. its been too cold and rainy i think so far. so i bought 2 small jars, one of them in empty right now but i will put a living cicada in it eventually to study and observe and then let it go. in the other small jar right now is a cicada that died coming out of its shell. its really cool. but the jar is now all fogged up with death, i think. i also got a bigger jar thats in the shape of a milk jug that milk men used to deliver. this jar is for collecting all the shells. so far i have about 7. and its looking pretty good. i love cicadas and im very excited for them to all come out. i remember when they did last time when i was 4 years old. i have pics of me and my sister with them, which ill try to put up later. they have red eyes. my brother lets them crawl all over his arms. my mom stepped on a live one last night with her bare foot when she let the dog out. my mom kept have nightmares that cicadas were crawling all over my dog because he sleeps outside so when i let him in the other night she was sleep talking and told me to trun the light on and check him all over for cicadas. there were none. cicadas!