i took bayer back and body tonight and i have been beeing so fucking jittery and shakey since. then i looked at the label and saw that it has caffeine in it and i was i like shit. cause i hate the way coffee makes me feel but i like the way it tastes.

i have been thinking about detoxing alot lately. to me this just means not drinking or smoking or eating junk food or caffeine. and possibly do a detox thing where you only drink liquids for 3 days that consist of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. i think all of this will be pretty easy, just cause i dont do any of that stuff that much anyways. and i want to do it so i stop feeling like shity all of the time. when i go back to school i want to start taking yoga and running on a tredmill so i have more energy. ok bye.