i can't stop thinking about norman bates

anthony perkins. i mean i really like him, he's so nice and cute and gay, but psycho scares the shit out of me. i watched it last night for the first time and then i had to sleep with all my lights on and i only slept for 3 hours on and off, i kept opening my eyes and thinking about the movie, specific images and scenes. then finally at 6 am i unparalyzed myself from mental fear and went into my mom's room and said i was scared of psycho and she scolded me for watching it because she knew it would scare me cause she watched it on tv when she was like 13 and for years one of her sisters had to sit in the bathroom with her when she showered. but the shower scene isn't even really the one that scared me. so i got in bed with my mom and as she put the blanket over me she punched me in the nose by accident. i haven't slept since.