adventures at nylon

there was a february party/concert by the kills last night at the bowery ballroom. i set up this beautiful set up in the vip lounges, filled with the current issue of nylon magazine, pink vodka lit up on ice, sprite, diet coke, and cranberry juice. pretty sexy right? and there was so much handing out of ky jellie, haha. another one of my jobs last night was to stand outside and look for the celebrities and have them get their pic taken on our little red carpet and then get them inside cause it was really cold. it was fun. i probably sound like what stella would call a starfucker but it was my assignment and i was only doing good at my job. it was all really fun if you can't tell already!

i didn't take any of these photos, but they are all of alison mosshart of the kills. the concert was really like the best i've seen that i can remember. i really liked it and i usually hate concerts. and she was really fucking cool and awesome and crazy. she was so weird and kooky on stage, i loved her performance and she inspired me and made me want to really be a singer, though i secretly have wanted to be for my whole life, molly knows this. so now i've been listening to the kills a lot and i really like them and before them i was only listening to amy winehouse, cause i honestly find it hard to listen to music, i dunno why. oh and when i was setting up i saw them rehearsing and i was literally the only person in the room! so my job has big perks. there were also some little celeb instances but i'll discuss them in private. haha wtf am i doing saying that.