it's this new series that started online, but now its also on tv. you can watch all of the episodes online, which i've been doing. it's made by the same people that did my so-called life, and it's kinda similar to that, which is probably why i like it. i am kind of addicted to watching it online. it also seems very 90's, and similar to reality bites. they live in chicago in the series.

this is dylan, and she is one of my favorite characters (the angela chase/claire danes and lelaina pierce/winona ryder of the show) dylan works at a magazine so i can relate. haha. i like how her hair is always messy and her clothes are always frumpy, especially at work. basically, i like how she always looks like a cute wreck, who just can't get it together. i wish i looked more messy like that sometimes! weird.

my other favorite character is debra. this is her. i like when she yells at her shitty boyfriend, and goes crazy, and has anxiety. she's kinda spacey and funny and dorky, but also really hot. they make her wear glasses to try and hide her hotness, but it doesn't really work.

them together. i think that their characters they are both really pretty and cool in different and unique ways. gosh, i am such a loser for saying that, but hey, i mean it.

dylan is really into blogging, which i also like to do very much so, but the main difference is that she video blogs and i don't think that i would ever do that. hahaha, blog!!!

basically quarterlife is like a version of myspace. they are also all like 25 years old, hence the name quarterlife. there is a lot of blogging in the show. all of the characters have fake myspace pages, which is pretty funny. you might not like it, and you will probably think it is corny, but its also pretty great, so check it out! it is kind of my guilty pleasure nowadays.