How I Would Answer New York Magazine’s Interview Questions On Being A New Yorker:

Why You Came Here: For College. I chose one here because I just always wanted to live in New York, and college was my chance to finally do it. When You Arrived: 2005, I was 19. First New York Job: I was an intern at Nylon Magazine during college, but I don’t know if you can count that as a job, because I didn’t get paid a dime. First New York Apartment: Spring and Mulberry in Nolita, I was spoiled. Current Neighborhood: Soon to be Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Where Else in the City You’d Like to Live: Back in the East Village again. Favorite New York Noise: Ambulance sirens. It sounds sick, but it’s very comforting for some reason. What Makes Someone a New Yorker: When a tourist asks you for directions, based on how you look. Most Accurate Stereotype: Fast Paced. Most Inaccurate Stereotype: Not everyone here is a Jew. Biggest New York Fear: Getting stuck underground in the subway. Worst Thing About New York: Everything is a production. Where Else in the Country You’d Like to Live: Nowhere. Craziest New York Story: I just always love seeing drunken people throw up in public. New Yorker Who’d Make the Best President: Woody Allen. New York’s Best Decade: I wouldn’t know, but I’d guess the 20s, 60s, 70s, and 90s.