i almost started a whole new blog...

it was going to be called rachel the clotheshorse. jackie o was considered one.

here were the first two posts.

i feel inspired

to make this new blog, so here i go, i guess. i don’t really know just yet what it shall be about, but i hope for it to be honest and funny and i hope to write in it lots. oh hopes.


was a really weird day for me. you see i was out last night walking around alot i guess. i woke up with what i thought was an allergic red reaction all over my face. so i freaked out, bought benadryl and some cream shit with aloe, took two of the pills and put the aloe all over my face, and then promtly fell asleep. then i woke up saw that the rash was not gone, panicked a bit more because i have an interview tomorrow, realized it was windburn, fell asleep again, rescheduled my interview because i can’t have my first impression be ugly and fuck up. speaking of fucked up, because of the benadryl i felt so fucked up all day and night, just not right. i hate you benadryl and you cold winds that slap my face. i look like a professional snow skier with a constantly wind chapped face. i watched so many of the hills episodes online tonight it was sick. im sick. i have a cold that just wont quit. so now im gunna take my melatonin and sleep again and watch a movie tomorrow. my room is so messy i dont know if i should leave it or clean it. we will see.