i joined the local ymca last night and i worked out today for like the first time in my life. it was pretty great. then tonight i bought myself a silver ipod shuffle to listen to while i speed walk on the treadmill. i loaded it with the shittiest upbeat pop music and i'm very excited about working out to it tomorrow. it really pumps me up. i have to try very hard not to sing along and bother other people at the gym. i feel funny when i say "oh ya i was just at the gym working out" i feel like a loser trying to be cool haha. oh and i didn't have any gym shoes so i bough a pair at the local payless. they are black white pink and green. after i speed walked for an hour, i was going to take the bus home because i was very tired but it wasn't coming for a long time so i leisurely walked home while eating an onion bagel and cream cheese very slowly, that i got from this bakery called peter pan where the employees are all teen girls who wear cute mint green uniforms with pink collars and trim. i kinda want to work there just so i can wear that uniform. they have really good donuts too. so basically i reversed my whole workout but who cares. the peter pan place is one of my favorite places. oh and i got a ymca membership card and they took my photo for it and my hair is really messy and i'm wearing a fur coat at the gym and i am smiling really big.