as i watch tyra banks be annoying in a way that i can't turn away from, i write this blog post. last night, andy suggested that i make my blog more self-deprecating in order to bring into the open my flaws in order to make them less humiliating so i can over come them and grow as a person. and also because it will just be hilarious. for example, it was recently pointed out to me that i am very lazy. and at first i was like what?! no way! but then andy was like here is my example. he was like, when you want to make tea you just let the hot water run from the sink and then use that, while he would use a tea pot and only use actually boiling water because that is how the tea is released or some shit. and i was like ya you are right. and then i thought of all the other ways that i am lazy: i could sleep till 4pm and have no regrets, i could watch shit tv all day and be fine with it, i don't cook, i don't clean, i hate showering and try to avoid it, i hate brushing my teeth and only do it once a day if that, and many more. so in conclusion i am a lazy biatch and i am fine with it. i think i just mentioned andy too much and made it sound like he controls me and i do whatever he says. of course this is totally true. jk. also, i did alot of depressing shit yesterday. first i was reading all about horrible hotels. the greenpoint hotel in brooklyn and the kenmore hotel in manhattan are two of the most run down, shitty, drug filled, prostitute ridden dens of sin. and people live there so then it was sad and i got sad and disgusted. then i went on to read these two anonymous abortion blogs. apparently this is a current trend. now, obviously i am very very pro-choice but it was still depressing for some reason to read about the process of planning and having an abortion. on a less sad and self deprecating note, i got an internship in fashion public relations (PR) working for women's fashion designer peter som. i am very excited. now off i go to microwave some lobster ravioli in vodka sauce.