some things

magazines are much cheaper if you subscribe to them, so i got subscriptions to harper's bazaar, nylon, and marie claire. i don't really like marie claire but it was only 5 bucks. so i guess i'm excited to get them in the mail, its just, i like it more when i get to pick them up at a newsstand. the excitment is kinda gone. i was talking to my sister on the phone yesterday about my family's trip to ny (they all arrive tomorrow afternoon) and i asked her what she wanted to do while she was here and she named some places she wanted to shop and then in the background my mom says, "it's not all about shopping!" but then me and my sister were like, but it kind of is all about shopping when you are on vacation in new york, shopping and eating. that's all we'll be doing for the next week. right now i am sitting at the kitchen table on the computer at andy, dan , and casey's apartment. andy has to be at work so he asked me to sit at his house all day and wait for a package i have to sign for. i am a bit bored. and hungry. and thirsty. and a bit lonely, but i don't feel too lonely because all the windows are open and alot of people are outside and so its loud and i can hear their voices. that sounded so sad but its actually very happy. i am people watching from three stories up.