snowboarding, broken bones, and the strokes

a few minutes ago andy asked me if i'd ever snowboarded. i said yes, that i had once, and he said that he could imagine me being really into snowboarding and doing it all the time, all bundled up and walking around in those plastic booties (but keep in mind that andy has also said that he can imagine me easily becoming addicted to cocaine too, so go figure). this is very funny because i am not athletic at all. i used to be, i used to play soccer from like kindergarten to 8th grade. but then i told andy that the one time i snowboarded i broke my neck and had to wear a brace for the rest of the trip, while my family members continued to snowboard. so i was in the ski lodge for the rest of the week with a neck brace watching music videos on i think mtv2. the strokes first video last night came on and i was hooked. i had never heard of them and i thought the video was so beautiful and so cool and i have loved them from that moment on. i remember scribbling on a piece of paper the name of the band and the title of the song so i wouldn't forget. i still love their songs really a lot and i love julian casablancas. so i just realized why i love the strokes so much and always will.