the 50th anniversary of barbie! she was invented in 1959!

this is the kind of barbie i want to be
that pink blazer is very similar to the alex wang one i have been coveting, hmmmm
if only i was that age now.
so barbie
barbie doll eye make up totally does look just like that! with all the blues and purples!
hey, what's up jet setting barbie?!
vegas show girl barbie
such a good gay ken!
go america
i want to wear this green gem of a dress and have a matching small one for my barbie!
bondage barbie? now that's just inappropriate. fall 2009 i don't know if i dare say it, but if i could only pick one runway show to go to this season, i would have picked barbie. even over... marc. ahhhh! i wish i had been there so badly. i think i still do love my barbies more than a marc jacobs dress. sick but very, very true. i walked pass bloomingdales in soho the other day and had to go in because a barbie boutique was beautifully advertised in the window. i ended up buying what i think is a classy barbie wallet, in black and gold and leopard on the inside. most people will probably hate it for it is kinda tacky but i love it so.