fashion week prep: this time around

last season was the first time i worked on shows during fashion week. let's just say i was not prepared. i almost fainted while still working at 3am and nice people had to fan me. this season i am so prepared its not even funny ha ha. here is what i do: -stock up on food for 2 weeks -stock up on bottled water and V8 fusion juice, need to stay hydrated all the live long day -stock up on granola bars for on the go -buy lots of fruits and veggies to make a shake cause there will be no time for eatin' healthy, you take whatever food you can get, eat fast, and back to work -paint my nails freshly black -remove the pink polish from my toes and then proceed to cut them (this may sound weird and pointless, but i will most likely be wearing lots of heels (just to shows, not to work) and they are more comfy this way.) -install my printer finally in order to print out all show/presentation/party invitations -ingest lots of vitamin c -hang out with friends lots the weekend before because i won't be seein' them during the craziness -get lots of sleep in exchange for the sleep i won't be getting during fashion week -make sure to RSVP to all invites, wait for seating assignments -etc. last season i didn't know what it was going to be like, so i just threw myself into it. now that i know what is coming, i get a bit nervous and stressed. fashion week in general stresses me out major. i mean i love it, and i get very excited too, but stressssss takes over. and of course all of the prep i have done will go out the window once fashion week actually starts, but the prep makes me feel calm before the storm. whoooooooooo i'm pumped.
the only downside to fashion week is that i won't be able to style my own shoots cause i won't have any time, so that aspect will have to be on a slight hold. but of course, the shows will give me inspiration for new themes for shoots! can't wait!