i love you jamie bochert, i love your face.

top two are my fave.
i walked past her on the street in soho the other day and got so excited. she was so tall and thin and smoking while wearing a long pale blue vintage dress, looking so cool. for the longest time i kept seeing her face but couldn't find her name, i was like obsessed with figuring out who she was. and then i finally did! i forgot how. and it got even better when i found out she was engaged to michael pitt, and they are all friends with louis garrel, so that made me so happy to know that the dreamers are still friends haha.
she quit modeling for a period of time to be a musician.
it was shocking/controversial in the fashion world (i love shit like that) that she opened this marc jacobs show, but he hand picked her! she's his muse now.
jamie and and fiance michael pitt! (the only girl i'd ever not be jealous of for having michael.)
god i love them together.